The birth of a baby is a good reason to think about the mystery of life and about what you want for your children. If you have recently had a baby you may be thinking of having him or her baptised. Maybe your children are a little older and are beginning to ask questions about God and Jesus. Possibly you are considering being baptised yourself. Whatever your reason for thinking about baptism you are very welcome at St Bartholomew’s. Come to our 10am Sunday services & speak afterwards with our administrator.

The Church of England offers two types of services for children –

a Baptism service, sometimes called a Christening. In bringing a child for baptism you are thanking God for His gift of life, and making a decision to start your child on the lifelong journey of faith with Jesus.

In the service Parents and Godparents declare their faith in God, turn away from all evil and turn to Jesus. They promise to set a Christian example to their children It is a very important and serious undertaking.
Can you honestly make these promises?
a Thanksgiving service. This is a joyful celebration, thanking God for the birth of your child. It includes a naming, a welcome and a blessing. In the thanksgiving service prayers are said for the care of your child and asking God to surround your family with the warmth of His love.

There are no promises to commit you to bringing up your child within the church family. It is not a baptism service but your child can be baptised at a later date.
The Thanksgiving Service suits those families who feel uncomfortable about making the promises of commitment in Baptism.

To make further enquiries contact:
John (part time Church Administrator) by email or by phone 07872 580450.